Beachside is run, not on the talents of a few, but the sacrifices of many.  We’d love you to find your place to serve God by using the gifts He has given you. 

Do you believe that first impression matter and love to create an accepting and inviting space so people feel at home? 
Chat to Susie about joining on of our hospitality teams.

Do you love to honour God and help people to meet with Him through your gifts in music or tech?
Chat to Dan about joining one of our worship teams or our sound and multimedia team.

Do you want to be the best part of a child’s week?
Chat to Jo about joining our groms team or to Susie about teaching RI in local primary schools.

Do you want to put your muscles to good use?
Chat to Susie about joining a roadie team.

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people struggling with addiction?
Chat to Luke about volunteering with Lighthouse.

Do you get excited about the next generation and want to be part of what God is doing with them?
Chat to Marcos about helping lead and mentor our young people.

Not sure about where you’d fit best?
Chat to Susie about the different areas of serving, and where your gifts are best suited.  We do not believe in filling rosters with just anyone.  When you are serving in the areas you are passionate about, we will all benefit, and God will be glorified.