The Beachside crew is a mixed bunch – you’ll find tradies, professionals, students, seniors, families, singles, divorcees, kids by the truck load, and pretty much anyone else you can think of – united by our love of God and each other.

We value community, authenticity and inclusiveness and hope you’ll feel at home with us.

We love hospitality and try to extend it wherever we can. Our services start at 9:30am and of course this happens around a hot cup of coffee and good conversations.

We believe that worship is a lifestyle rather than just something we do on a Sunday’s. That said – we do love to sing and bring God praise and honour.  We’re blessed with a broad range of worship leaders so you’ll get everything from country to Celtic and rock to rhythm and blues.

Our teaching is relevant and practical and is spoken through passionate preachers.  We’re focussed on the Bible and the redeeming love and grace of our King, Jesus Christ.

We are a church the LIVES OUT LOVE whatever that looks like. Through truth and grace, we aren’t just followers of Jesus, we are disciples of Jesus learning how to be His hands and feet more and more.

Beachside loves doing life together because life is better together! We love how we do Sunday’s at Beachside
Here’s a snapshot of a typical month. We meet as a whole church weeks 1, 2 and 3 of every month. The 4th week we shrink down into small churches (home groups) across the coast. We see this as valuable and adds to the growth of each believer.

What’s On

My Sister’s Story Breakfast – May 18th, 9am

Save the date for our My Sister’s Story – Breakfast, May 18th at 9am. More details to come.

Boys Group/Girls Group

Our boys group and girls group meet separately at Living Temple on Monday nights – 6.45pm to 8.45pm.  The girls group group is led by Esther.


Vision Sunday pt.1

Our Vision for Beachside and the community for the year.